President's Message

Greetings to all members and visitors to our website!

My name is Gianni Iadanza and I’m entering my second year as President of the New Orleans chapter of APICS, which covers all of southern Louisiana. I’d like to pass along a few words about the comings and goings taking place within our chapter and our territory:

It has been a hot and tough summer for our chapter territory, especially in the central region with Baton Rouge as the epicenter of most of the news. I’d like to take a moment and ask that everyone reading this please take a few minutes to think about, pray and provide well-wishes to everyone and anyone that were affected by the events over the last few months. Please keep your thoughts with our members as they grapple, and ultimately succeed with recovery efforts. I also believe it would be a good time to find family and friends and tell them how much they mean to you in light of all that’s happening and how much they are appreciated.

The 2015-2016 year is now in the books and I’m happy to say that it looks like we’ve achieved another Silver (C-BAR) award level! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all of the members and the board for making it another successful year for APICS New Orleans. With this in mind, I’d like to recap the year and mention goals for the upcoming year.

Unfortunately, our membership numbers have dropped by an uncomfortable percentage, but it was expected. Many of the expired memberships were a result of local professionals and students that had purchased APICS2014 International Conference passes and with those passes were included a one-year membership in the local APICS chapter. We’re passing along news about the benefits of renewal to those people and hope that we will persuade them to come back.

Our chapter instructor, Jim Koontz, completed three certification classes, Execution and Control of Operations, Strategic Management of Resources and Basics of Supply Chain Management and all were attended well and successful. We’re happy to say that Jim will be conducting three more including Master Planning of Resources, Detailed Scheduling and Planning and Execution and Control of Operations this upcoming year. The first 2 classes the first and second quarter are scheduled at the Community Coffee Company site. If you or anyone you know are interested, please feel free to contact myself or Jim. These are great classes for those who may prefer an instructor-led course in a classroom setting over self-study and/or online course offerings.

Our chapter is required to conduct a Chapter Member Survey every three years or less. These surveys act as avenues of opinions, critiques and information that will give the board and I some knowledge of your feelings about APICS membership and if, and how it’s benefitted you. Even if membership and certification was a requirement that you had to do for self-satisfaction, career ‘foundation blocks” or employment searches, we’d like to know what you think. Include some non-member peer stories to illustrate points. We welcome the feedback which provides us accurate and plentiful information to pass along to District. Look for it later this year.

With the past recapped, let’s look at our upcoming year goals…

Although our membership numbers have stabilized at historical levels, we’d still like to see an increase in membership numbers. Our goal is to increase by 5%. That means we would only need to increase by 3 memberships. Why not ask around and see if any of your peers may be thinking about APICS membership and certification? Perhaps they’ve been thinking about it and hadn’t said a word to anyone. Membership and participation is a great option for students and young millennials who aren’t a perfect fit for their intended career choice. APICS and other supply chain organizations were a building block for supply chain professionals who have found themselves running the show lately such as Tim Cook of Apple, Mary Barra of General Motors and Brian Krzanich of Intel.

Along with increased membership, it would be great if we could see more participation at PDMs by current members. Perhaps we’re on the other side of the state and/or we don’t conduct any near you that would be convenient for your personal lives. Maybe you’ve been to a PDM and found it un-interesting or just joined for resume add-on. Let us know in the surveys we will be sending out. Take the time between now and them to reflect on why you don’t participate and how we can make it more interesting.

Along the same note, there was discussion among the board about marketing and participation in the Baton Rouge Metro Area. Perhaps if you and your employer has an interesting operation that you’d like to open to our members, we could schedule and plan a tour. Who doesn’t like “Made in the USA”? I’m certain that during the difficult road ahead for our members it will be one of the last things on your minds but it would be a great show of tenacity for the host and support from attending members.

One of the valued relationships we have is with the Institute for Supply Management. They may sound like rivals but Matthew and Michael, board members of ISM, have been great friends to APICS New Orleans. We share PDMs and have a great time meeting and networking with fellow supply chain professionals. Thanks for the support!

Moving along I’d like to take the time to congratulate our District Manager, Steven Rudnicki on his re-election. Steve has done a great job on his last term and we look forward to his continuing leadership of the Southeast District of APICS.

After all the heat that typically comes with summers in south Louisiana it appears that September, and its hints of Fall, are here. That means that just around the corner it’s time for APICS 2016 Conference. This year its being held in Washington DC on September 25 through the 27. From the session highlights it looks to be logistics-centered with sessions on success stories about reaching out to millennials. It’s been an exciting few years with our organization’s merging with associations like the SCC and CLTD. Send pictures our way if you happen to attend.

Well our new year is off and running and I’m proud to say that New Orleans has been chosen as the site for the upcoming District Meeting of board members. For those of you that do not know, at least 3 times per year our district representatives conduct weekend training/networking sessions at different host cities. Usually they are the seat of the APICS chapter. In any case, the planning has begun and a call- to-arms, inevitably, has become a necessity. If anyone has any interest in participating, please contact me at your convenience.

As always, thank you for your membership, interest, attention and time. I value mine as I’m sure you value yours. If I can help you in any way, please let me know as soon as you can. Have a great month and talk to you soon.

Gianni Danza

President, APICS of New Orleans Chapter